January release

Improved UI, layouts and copy activity

Many camps have already been carried out in the last year, and over 200 camps have been created for 2024 in eCamp v3. Each week, more than 400 people register on eCamp v3. We are also pleased to have received so much valuable feedback.

In the meantime, several frequently requested features have been implemented. Here are some highlights:

Copy and paste activity

Copying of Blocks

You can now copy and paste activities, even across different camps. Simply copy the link to the activity and paste it into another camp. You can also forward the link to other people, but they must also have access to the camp for it to work.

Responsive layout

New default layout

There’s a new standard layout for activities, optimized for both printing and editing on a computer.
To preview on large screens as it will appear when printed, you can limit the width of the activity editor to the width of paper. Newly created camps will use the new standard layout from now on.
#4071 #4026

UI to format text


It’s now possible to insert lists in text fields. #4191

Links in the activity content are now displayed in the browser
and can be opened with Ctrl, Cmd, or double-click. #4397

Dropdown to change the day in the sidebar

Further Improvements

User Experience:

Better explanations for creating camps and editing categories.
#4162 #4362 #4213
In the detailed view of an activity, it’s now possible to switch days in the sidebar. #4202


Improved layout of categories and activities and a clearer LA theme area. #4303 #4264
Day Responsibles are now also displayed on the camp’s homepage. #4029


A bug in the printed PDFs when exporting the picasso from a foreign timezone has been fixed. #4329
Layout #1: The picasso now has the requested page orientation in the PDF #4347 and is now correctly translated. #4003

Community Contributions

We are happy to have received several contributions from the community.
Thank you very much!

Rumantsch has been added as a language:
Initial translations have been done by @eruedin and Martin Cantieni. #4027

Improved documentation:
How to contribute has been updated by @DeNic0la. #4204

Unnecessary period material filter was removed from the activity material by @MarcoAllenspach. #4366

We can’t wait to welcome even more users and camps to our community!

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