eCamp v3 is the re-development of eCamp with the goal of reimplementing the functionality of eCamp v2 using modern technologies and an extensible architecture. Currently, an MVP (minimum viable product) is in operation. Next, we will focus on course planning, and further extensions will follow later.

The following commonly requested improvements over eCamp v2 are already implemented:

  • Improved saving features - where possible, data are auto-saved on the fly.
  • Usability on mobile phones - the design is mobile-first.
  • Login via MiData account of the Swiss Guide and Scouts Movement is possible
  • Switching the user interface language
  • Formatting texts (bold, italic, bullet lists etc.)

eCamp v3 is made up of a backend based on the PHP framework API Platform (Symfony), which offers an API, as well as a Vue.js frontend and some other smaller services.

How can I help?

Thanks for helping! There are a few ways to get started.