Changes since April

New functionality after the Pentecost camps

Over 30 Ascension and Pentecost camps could be planned and executed this spring with the beta version of eCamp v3. We have already received a lot of feedback. Since the last update, we have mainly focused on fixing minor issues. Many thanks to our beta testers for the valuable feedback.

  • An error when drawing a new block in the program has been fixed.
  • Error messages on the materials list have been improved.
  • Blocks that have inactive responsible persons assigned are now displayed in the program and in the activities overview.
  • When printing with Layout #2, the set language is used for translation.

We have also received contributions from the community again:

  • If you change the name in the profile, then it is immediately exchanged in all places. Thanks @DeNic0la!
  • Various forms can now no longer be submitted with invalid content. Thanks for this as well @DeNic0la!

We are very happy that talented developers take action right away and implement the improvements themselves.

We are still working on optimizing the printing features for multi-week (summer) camps. The first version of the progress label feature is also on the way, a feature which was missed by many.

A lot of people have applied for the beta phase during the summer camp, which is why we are not giving out any new codes for the summer camps.

You can still apply for access codes for later camps with the form. We look forward to your feedback!

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