Questions & Answers

How secure is my data at eCamp?

In addition to the development, the core team also maintains a freely usable instance. The server is operated as a best-effort. For the operation of the server we use modern cloud solutions. This includes regular backups and server updates. Nevertheless we cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability.

What will happen to eCamp v2?

The original eCamp version 2 can be used at until further notice. However, the code is getting old and difficult to maintain. For a long time there has been no further development for eCamp v2 except for critical bug fixes. No data is migrated from v2 to v3.

I have a question about eCamp v2

For questions/support about eCamp v2 please use the support function in eCamp v2 directly. No questions about eCamp v2 are answered on this page.

Who is behind eCamp?

eCamp is developed by a core team of volunteers. The source code is published as open source. Community participation is actively encouraged.

Can I add tasks/todos in eCamp?

No. We have decided not to support task lists anymore, as they were rarely used in the past and better alternatives are available. If you have used the eCamp v2 schedule list, you can now use the Calendar Generator in Hering.

I miss the feature…

We will not be implementing all the features from eCamp v2 in eCamp v3 in the future. What we currently have planned: Special daily responsibilities, link lists to link external documents and images, copying blocks, and displaying block status in the overview program.

Does anybody support you financially?

Operating costs are funded by the Swiss Guide and Scout Movement. This landing page is powered by the open source plan of Netlify and our application translations are managed by lokalise.